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Preventative Care Plans

Introducing affordable Preventive Care!

Our goal is to keep our clients happy and their pets healthy so we designed Wellness Packages that can do both. We know that owning a pet can sometimes be expensive and annual exams are necessary to keep your pet healthy. But did you know that having basic lab work performed annually can help our veterinarians to diagnose and treat potential health problems sooner? Our wellness packages below include our annual recommendations with bonus savings to you.

Canine Wellness Package

The standard canine wellness package includes CBC (complete blood count) Standard, Chemistry 14 with SDMA, Fecal Diagnostic w/ Giardia and 4DX heartworm.

The Premium canine wellness package includes CBC (complete blood count) Comprehensive, Chemistry 27 with SDMA, Fecal Diagnostic Profile w/ Giardia, 4DX heartworm w/ Quant C6, Total t4 and Urinalysis w/reflex UPC.

Feline Wellness Package

The Standard Feline Wellness package includes CBC (complete blood count) Standard, Chemistry 14 with SDMA, Feline Leukemia FIV Heartworm and Fecal Diagnostic.

The Premium Feline Wellness Package includes CBC (complete blood count) Comprehensive, Chemistry 25 with SDMA, Feline Leukemia FIV Heartworm, Fecal Diagnostic Profile, Total t4, Urinalysis w/ UPC and Feline BNP.

Senior Wellness Package for healthy dogs and cats 7 years or older

Our Senior Wellness Packages include an exam, annual heartworm test that includes testing for 3 common tick-borne illnesses (Ehrilichiosis, Lyme, and Anaplasmosis) for our canine patients. If the senior pet is a feline, they will receive testing for Feline Leukemia and FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus).

Both canines and felines will also receive a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and an extensive Metabolic Profile which provides key information regarding your pet’s electrolyte status, organ function, and blood sugar level. A fecal is also included and will screen the patient for intestinal parasites.

Please note, this package includes a more comprehensive bloodwork panel, vaccines are not included. Any vaccines given on the day of service will receive a 10% discount. This discount does NOT apply to any vaccines that require a booster in 3-4 weeks.